Investments & Partnerships

At Valley Building Company, our Real Estate investment breaks out into two core levels- 1. Real Estate Investments for portfolio projects (in-house) and 2. investment opportunities from within or extended out to individual investors for both long term recurring, or short term positive returns. We offer this option both in a cash position capacity or through our "creative structures" approach which is more "hands-on" and requires less cash for active participation in our projects.

Some of our unique Investment level opportunities and strategies include:

  • Property Flips- VBC actively seeks and executes an aggressive schedule of "flips" per year. Through our unique "full circle" approach, VBC has a proven model to maximize the return on investment for these flip properties- turning neglected or outdated properties with potential into excellent new homes for our Buyers. Our strategy is not to create value through pricing tactics, but rather to enhance value through our efficiencies and pool of resources. It's a win-win scenario.

  • Property Holdings- Valley Building Company/Valley Property Holdings, actively seeks out desirable properties to hold within our long-term portfolio. Our goal is to aggressively expand our portfolio of both residential and commercial properties moving forward in the years ahead.

  • Joint Ventures (Commercial & Residential)- VBC entertains and welcomes joint venture opportunities through several scenarios, including:

    • Real Estate Acquisitions & Development

      • If you have a "handy man special" with potential that you are thinking of selling, please contact us with additional information. We may be interested in touring your property and making an offer.

    • Real Estate Flipping- VBC is willing to explore flip opportunities with other inventors- taking positions post acquisition to fund and execute renovations, handle the real estate sales process, stage a property, etc. These projects are handled on a custom basis following our own analysis of the project.

    • Pre-Sales Equity Improvement Partnerships

      • Valley Building Company welcomes property owners to contact us for a market analysis on a before and after improvement of their home (including renovation work or finishing raw space to expand square footage). VBC has a program in place whereby we conduct and fund renovations on your home, prior to sale. A before and after assessment is made for value, with the goal of enhancing property equity and lowering time on market. Our program offers a partnership split on the improvement costs for net profit with a low interest rate on the funded project. This may also be combined with a Real Estate sales strategy for additional savings and an improved equity position overall.

  • Real Estate Staging- While a completed VBC project will certainly be positioned to attract buyers, we recognize the importance of creating a property that looks lived in and is "warm" and inviting for our Buyers. You only get one chance to make a positive first impression when selling real estate. Buyers and Realtors see your house as it is, not as everything it could be- many people cannot visualize the potential. In today's market, current conditions demand a property looks better than ever in order to be competitive in the marketplace. Only 10% of homeowners successfully stage their own property for optimal results. Emotional attachments to the home and its contents keep sellers from viewing their property objectively and making the necessary changes, but properly staged homes get multiple offers, higher bids and spend less time on the market.

    • Why do we believe in staging a property- click here to read notes on Why Stage a Home?

  • Project Participation Partnerships- through our Project Participation Program, investors can make a financial contribution for an equal stake in a VBC portfolio project.

  • Creative Structures- We strongly believe in "thinking outside the box". Our constant effort, ambition, and creativity, allows us to explore many different scenarios to create unique investment opportunities for VBC and our partners. Many opportunities require a unique approach or creative structure to maximize the outcome and take advantage, to the fullest, the talents and resources of those involved. To accommodate these opportunities, we have established our "Creative Structures" program.

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If you are thinking of selling, click here to contact us. We may be interested in your property.